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Anonymous whispered: Why do fans ask fifth harmony "what happened in the elevator"?

fifth harmony had an inside joke back during their x factor days about them in an elevator and they were either too embarrassed to tell or they didn’t think it was appropriate or whatever


YOOOOO so like i really wanted to make a follow forever but i waited until i hit 5k so tada here it is!!!!! these are the special people that i hold near and dear to my heart, or their blogs are just gr8, and if i forgot you i’m sorry bc i wanted to narrow down the blogs i specifically wanted on here ((doesn’t mean i don’t like you cuz’ i probably do)) thank you for following me guys!! and dealing with my lame self (:

so in alphabetical orderrrrr:

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normani kordei is literally the hottest thing on the planet and if you believe otherwise then get off whatever the fuck you’re smoking

Anonymous whispered: can you explain whats wrong with dinahs caption? i dont get it im sorry

Don’t be sorry, I honestly don’t expect many people to understand it and I doubt Dinah understands it because hopefully if she did she wouldn’t have made it her caption.

Her caption was “Eat the cake Anna Mae!” which I’m guessing she got the quote from Beyonce and Jay Z’s song “Drunk In Love”. Jay Z’s full line from the song is “In ‘97 I bite, I’m Ike, Turner, turn up. Baby no I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae. Said, ‘Eat the cake, Anna Mae!’” A lot of people don’t really know the origins of the line so they think it’s just a harmless quote, but it’s really referring to Tina Turner’s abusive relationship with her husband, Ike. Tina Turner was just a stage name, her real name was Anna Mae. Tina and Ike used to be a duo before she blew up in the music industry. One day, they were at a restaurant after she had just started off her solo career and some kids came up and asked for her autograph but not her husband’s. He got jealous and bought some cake to celebrate, but when she didn’t want to eat the cake, he forced it down her mouth and started attacking her. When her friend tried to help her, Ike threatened her and beat her. Now that you know the history behind the quote, you can see why there is controversy over Jay Z’s line in the song AND why some people, like me, are upset with her caption.